FMC provides service to millions of square feet in the condominium sector. Unlike most companies that provide service to condos, FMC has a condo building maintenance division that better understands the specific needs of a building. Our condo maintenance engineers understand the differences between resident responsibilities and condo association responsibilities. This can be a difficult task and our engineers are trained to know the nuances between building systems and resident systems. Let our engineers take the burden from management by handling the scheduling of fire alarm testing and inspections, overseeing contractors, and keeping an orderly building operation. FMC building engineers are trained to respond to service requests accurately and in a timely manner and provide 24/7 emergency response to our condos.

Unlike office buildings, condo buildings utilize reserve studies to advise the condo board of future expenditures. FMC can review the condo building’s reserve study, make recommendations, and obtain bids on reserve items, if needed. If a condo board has not had a reserve study completed, FMC can recommend trustworthy companies to perform the study and our experienced engineers will assist them with any overlooked items to add. Our managers are also trained to assist condo board members or management with budgeting and/or capital budget items.

Condo Maintenance Plans

A common deficiency we at FMC find in many condominiums is lack of a structured maintenance plan. Preventive maintenance is vital to having long-lasting, efficient, and optimal running mechanical equipment. If a condominium relies solely on its own in-house maintenance tech, it doesn’t have the support, training, and accountability that comes with FMC. We bring and implement a maintenance protocol system, unique to your property’s specific needs. FMC engineers and managers are well versed in using Building Link, Yardi, Real Page, Buildings Engines, Workspeed, and most maintenance request systems, in the event the building has a system currently in place. Our managers perform regular building walkthroughs, check maintenance equipment, and review service request logs. If our maintenance engineers have questions, our managers will make a site visit to advise and assist the engineer in completing the task at hand. For 24/7 emergency response, FMC will have at least four engineers trained on the condo building access and systems so there will always be someone able to provide fast and effective emergency response.

Save Money with Professional Condominium Building Maintenance

With hard to solve issues, it’s common for condo buildings to get to the point where they have called electricians, plumbers, or HVAC techs who aren’t able to diagnose their problem, leaving the board or manager not knowing where to turn for help. FMC engineers and managers are highly experienced in assessing, diagnosing, and making recommendations that can save thousands of dollars.Whether you need full or part-time service, FMC expert team of condo building maintenance professionals can help. We would be glad to speak in front of your condominium’s board to further explain how we can provide maintenance service to your condominium. Please let us know what you need!


Condo Building Maintenance