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Facilities Maintenance Corp. provides industry-leading engineering services / commercial building maintenance throughout the Washington, D.C.

metro area.


Our team has decades of experience in building maintenance, maintaining a wide variety of facilities, so we understand the challenges that building owners and property managers face. We can help you improve your facility’s efficiency to reduce operating expenses, conserve natural resources, and improve tenant satisfaction.


FMC combines an aggressive engineering philosophy with some of the most highly-trained engineers in the industry to deliver a service with unrivaled value. Our building engineers help separate us from the competition by performing almost all maintenance and repairs in-house. This nearly eliminates the need to hire costly outside contractors and allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.


Whether you need full-time or part-time support we'll be happy to meet with your team, survey your facility, and provide you with a high-quality alternative to your current provider.


From commercial office to mission critical, FMC provides a complete array of engineering services to fit any facility's needs. We handle almost all maintenance and repairs in-house and our building engineers are qualified to oversee projects such as chiller replacement, elevator modernizations, SCU/AHU replacement, fire alarm system installations, and more. We’ve built a reputation with our customers for smoothing out notoriously problematic facilities and we can do the same for you.


Facilities Maintenance Corp. strives to provide higher value than our competitors. We constantly monitor and analyze a multitude of system data to reduce your site’s utility consumption.


We can custom develop and implement a web-based preventive maintenance program that reduces repair costs and preserves equipment life.


At our commercial office sites, we know that tenant retention is often a hidden cost. Our building engineers focus day after day to ensure that your tenants will love your facility.

Green Engineering

Facilities Maintenance Corp. is constantly focused on minimizing the environmental impacts associated with operating and maintaining today’s facilities.


We incorporate the use of Green products, equipment, and techniques whenever possible and strictly adhere to Federal environmental guidelines aimed at conserving our planets natural resources. When it comes to Green Engineering, we strive for perfection.


At FMC, we believe that proper communication is paramount. We’ll dedicate one of our experienced managers to be the single point of contact for all your facility’s needs. Our building engineers will generate daily reports that are viewable to management. We will maintain constant communication to deliver you the fast and accurate information you need to properly control your assets.

1901 N Moore Street, Suite 1205 | Arlington, Virginia 22209 | 1(888)4facilities